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Bulk / Wholesale / Trade BBQ Smoking Wood Chips, Wood Chunks and Smoking Dust - UK

We are happy to provide wholesale / trade / bulk orders on the following products :-

  • BBQ Smoking Woodchips (Graded Oak, Cherry, Apple, Alder, Ash, Beech, Whiskey Barrel, Orange, Lemon, Olive, Chestnut, Peach, Pear, Plum, Almond and Apricot or even blends of these flavours)  - Bulk 1m³ or 2 ventilated bags 
  • BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks - Bulk 1 or 2 ventilated bags
  • Cold Smoking Dust (0-1mm super fine dust) - Bulk 1m³ or 1.5m³ air tight bags.
  • Wood Wool Firelighters - Bulk Pallet Box of 30,000 lighters.
  • Hardwood Logs in Nets - 45x60 nets 25cm logs - 50 per pallet
  • Kindling - 80 nets per pallet
  • Briquettes - 960KG per pallet (Boxed or unboxed options)

Please contact Suzie at info@gwernyfedwood.co.uk for more information and pricing. We manufacture the majority of these items here in Wales, UK.   Lead times typically 4-10 days (we hold very large stocks).