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Extra Large Swedish Torch / Lantern

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EXTRA LARGE  Swedish Torch Log Lanterns - 33cm Tall – Warmth for 2-3 Hours – Perfect as an Outdoor Fireplace, Party Feature, Camping,  Beaches or  Fire Pits 100% Natural & Eco made by us in Wales.

Buy 1 for £14.95 , 2 for £23.95 or 3 for £29.95

Take your outdoor experience to the next level with our Swedish Torch Logs made by us in Wales from our own woodland.

Invented by the Swedish army to provide the maximum heat and burn time from a single log they are the perfect way to generate instant fire and heat in your garden, as a camping fire on the beach or to add a wow factor to your party.    

Our extra large Swedish Torch logs / Lanterns are made from hand selected logs and cut to a length of 33cm, and 18-25cm diameter - twice the size of most Swedish Torches. Each torch will provide up to three hours of flame and warmth, consistent heat, no matter what the weather.

Every torch is fitted with 2-3 eco friendly wax wool pre made burners inside to ensure that lighting is easy, simply light the burner and it will take care of the rest.

Simply place the torch on a fireproof surface (placing them directly on patios is not recommended) and away from any flammables and lite the premade burner in the middle of the Swedish Lantern log.

  • 33cm in length and Burning for up to 3 hours, our Swedish Torch Log Lanterns guarantees a longer and more consistent burn than other smaller options.
  • Supplied with a premade burner inside, so easy to light in any weather conditions.
  • Kiln Dried Logs ensure a consistent and hot burn leaving very little residual
  • Natural Rope Handle – So easy to handle and carry with you on your next adventure

Just start by safely placing the torch on a fireproof surface or non-combustible ground, away from any flammables before lighting the premade burner inside. As with all Swedish Lanterns for best effect use on a day or evening with a mild to strong wind.