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Through our love of smoking food - trial and error and our frustration in being unable to source   quality wood chunks we are pleased to offer our home grown Oak wood chunks - perfect for home smoked food.

Our natural wood chunks deliver long lasting authentic smoke flavour and are the perfect size to use in your smoker, Kamado style ceramic bbq or kettle bbq.   Sourced from our own sustainable woodland and kiln dried, Gwernyfed Wood Chunks are excellent value for money and will give you hours of bbq flavour - a few chunks go a long way!

Our kiln dried wood is split down into roughly fist sized chunks, though due to the natural product boxes will contain some thumb sized pieces.

For the perfect smoked food, tried and tested so you don’t have to:

  • Harvested from our own woodland Natural, untreated - 100% sourced from our own sustainable woodland with nothing added
  • Large 25 litre box of Wood Chunks ( Whiskey 15L)  that will flavour hours of  BBQ’s  
  • Versatile Wood chunks  use them on a grill, smoker, Kamado style or kettle BBQ
  • Save Money - Ideal for Weber and Big Green Egg smokers
  • Kiln Dried  - Our large boxes of oak wood chunks weight  8 - 9kg ( Whiskey 5KG) 
  • Full Smokey Flavour - Oak wood smoke - rich, full smoky flavour. Good with every BBQ meat , fish and heavy game

Alder has a light, slightly sweet but not overpowering flavour. This is the traditional wood used for smoking salmon.

Oak chunks go with every bbq meat, fish and heavy game. It has a heavy smoky flavour which mixes well or is good on its own. The most versatile of woods.

Beech is a light, mild wood with a slightly nutty flavour. Ideal for delicately flavoured meat and seafood.

Cherry is versatile and great for all meats and fish, especially chicken. It is aromatic but not overpowering with a subtle, sweet fruity flavour.

Ash has a light to medium smoke with a unique flavour. Its delicate aroma works well with fish, chicken and red meats.

Birch produces a mild to medium dense smoke flavour. A good choice for more strongly flavoured fish, salmon smoked in birch is a classic combination but also suits chicken and pork.

Apple has a light, fruity, slightly sweet aroma and is perfect for pork and poultry. Try mixing with other smoke woods like oak and cherry for fantastic results

Whiskey Oak Barrel - FULL SWEET SMOKEY FLAVOUR – Whiskey Chunks are versatile and great for all red meats, Beef, Pork, Venison and Game but can also be used for chicken, fish and even cheese. 5KG

 Helpful hints and tips

  • Light a few chunks in your smoker, Kamado style ceramic bbq or Kettle bbq.
  • Leave approx 15-20 mins until chunks have turned white
  • Spread out the chunks evenly using tongs
  • Replace the cooking grid
  • Close the lid and all of the vents - this ensures the fire goes out and the wood continues to smoulder.
  • Add your food and cook with the lid closed using the vents to regulate the heat.
  • If you prefer to cook with charcoal then simply add a few chunks on top of the charcoal for a subtle smoky flavour.
  • Some people like to soak their chunks, we prefer not to as this only slows up the cooking process, we add a small foil container with about 1 pint of water inside the bbq next to the coals to add just enough moisture, this keeps your chunks dry for delicious smoky flavour.
  • We light our chunks to one side of the bbq and not directly underneath the food, this ensures a circular heat flow and prevents burning the food if the flames flare up.

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