Wholesale Supply

We produce over 10,000 of kiln dried logs, kindling and BBQ products each year and supply a large number of wholesalers and retailers at competitive prices.

Contact Iain today at iain@gwernyfedwood.co.uk or call 07970 261671 to discuss your wholesale requirements and receive a personalised quote.

Kiln-Dried Hardwood Logs in Nets

45x60cm nets 23cm logs - 40 per pallet, 26/52 pallets per artic.

Bulk Bags of Kiln-Dried Hardwood logs

  • 80x80 (60 per artic) or 90x90 (52 per artic)
  • 80m³ Bulker Loose Loads
  • Kiln-dried hardwood logs 80m³ per load.


All logs are cut to 23cm +/- 1cm and have a max diameter of 9.5cm.


BBQ Smoking Woodchips

(Graded Oak, Cherry, Apple, Alder, Ash, Beech, Whiskey Barrel) - Bulk 1m³ or 2m³ ventilated bags.

BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

(Apple, Oak, Cherry, Alder, Beech) - Bulk 1m³ or 2m³ ventilated bags.

Pizza Oven Logs

Sold in 1m³ or 2m³ bulk bags.

For more information and pricing contact Iain at iain@gwernyfedwood.co.uk . Our wholesale products are manufactured right here in the heart of Wales. We hold large stocks and lead times typically range from 2 to 7 days.