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Smoking Wood Chips 3 Litre


We as a family love to smoke food and we have tried and tested just about every wood chip on the market so you don’t have to.  We found such a variation in chip size, too small and they burn too quickly, too big and they burn too slowly so we decided to produce our own chips with the perfect blend of mixed sized chip to give the perfect burn time balance for consistent smoke.  

The smaller chips burn quicker which gets your smoker nice and hot and then the larger chips burn for longer with a consistent smoke to give the delicious taste you are looking for. Our smoking wood chips are harvested from our own sustainable woodland and kiln dried.  

  • Mostly Harvested from our own woodland Natural, untreated - Most of the chips we sell are sourced from our own sustainable woodland.
  • Large 3 litre bag - enough chip to smoke for hours
  • Versatile wood chips - use in a smoker, Kamado or Kettle style BBQ or wrap in foil to make your own smoker!
  • Save money - Ideal for Weber and Big Green Egg smokers
  • Variety - A Huge range of chips to chose from 
  • Dust Free - Dust removed so that all you get are perfect chips
  • Kiln Dried - easy to light and consistent smoke.

We have chosen our top flavours for you to enjoy:


Alder chips have a mild, slightly sweet but not overpowering flavour. A Great choice for fish, Poultry or Beef.

Ash has a light to medium smoke . Its delicate aroma works well with fish, chicken and red meats.

Apple is ideal for poultry, beef, pork (especially ham), game birds, lamb and some seafood.

Almond - A light, slightly nutty flavour. It makes for a nice flavour addition to seafood and poultry but is suitable for use with all types of meat

Apricot is great for poultry and pork. Similar to hickory but is milder and sweeter in flavour sweeter and milder in flavour.

Beech is a light, mild wood with a slightly nutty flavour great for delicately flavoured meat and seafood and for Salmon is the best alternative to Alder .

Chestnut Gives both a sweet and intense flavour, a stronger alternative to fruitwoods. Works well with red meats and game and is a perfect for turkey.

Cherry is versatile - great for all meats and fish, ideal for chicken. Aromatic and sweet fruity flavour.

Hickory – Ideal for Whole chickens, wild game, beef brisket, pork loin, shoulders and pulled pork

Lemon – Has a strong smoke intensity that gives a fruity citrus flavour. Works well with Pork, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables.

Maple – A subtle, mild flavour that blends well with apple & Oak. Ideal for Turkey, Pork and chicken.

Mesquite – A strong flavour - Use on dark meets such as beef brisket, wild game, duck and lamb

Oak chips go with every BBQ meat, fish and heavy game. It has a medium smoky flavour. 

Olive – Great by itself , but also works well mixed with Cherry, Apple or Hickory. It has a similar but lighter flavour to Mesquite. Used on its own its best for Fish, Ham, Poultry or Vegetables 

Orange – A  mild wood that produces a good, smoky flavour. It's a good wood for any meat.

Peach is great for poultry, beef and pork. This wood is similar to hickory but is sweeter and milder in flavour

Pear – Similar to Apple, Peach and Cherry will deliver a sweetness your friends swear by, but are subtle enough to use with lighter foods like poultry or fish, and sometimes pork.

Plum - A very mild fruit wood ideal for smoking chicken, pork and seafood a sweet smoky flavour that adds beautiful colour to your meet.

Walnut - A very strong smoke if used alone, use with a milder wood, such as almond or apple. it's ideal for red meats or game meats.

Whiskey - Great for all red meats, Beef, Pork, Venison and Game , can also be used for chicken, fish and vegetables.


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Alder has a light, slightly sweet but not overpowering flavour. This is the traditional wood used for smoking salmon.


Oak chunks go with every bbq meat, fish and heavy game. It has a heavy smoky flavour which mixes well or is good on its own. The most versatile of woods.


Beech is a light, mild wood with a slightly nutty flavour. Ideal for delicately flavoured meat and seafood.


Cherry is versatile and great for all meats and fish, especially chicken. It is aromatic but not overpowering with a subtle, sweet fruity flavour.


Ash has a light to medium smoke with a unique flavour. Its delicate aroma works well with fish, chicken and red meats.

Whiskey Barrel

FULL SWEET SMOKEY FLAVOUR – Whiskey Chunks are versatile and great for all red meats, Beef, Pork, Venison and Game but can also be used for chicken, fish and even cheese. 5KG


Apple has a light, fruity, slightly sweet aroma and is perfect for pork and poultry. Try mixing with other smoke woods like oak and cherry for fantastic results.

Instructions Hints and Tips

Instructions, hints and tips. 

For the perfect smoked food, our wood chip can be used in a variety of ways: 

Soak the chips and use directly on the coals. 
Soak your chips in water for at least an hour, wait approx 15-20 mins after lighting your bbq until the coals have gone white and the flames have died down, scatter a couple of handfuls over the hot coals on your bbq and smoke away! Soaked chips will burn slower so this is ideal for your meats that require long slow smoking. 

Smoker box 
These are great to turn your gas bbq into a smoker. Pre soak your chips and then fill up the smoker box to approx. half full. Place inside the bbq and close the lid. After about 10-15 minutes the smoker box should start to smoke, this is when you add your meat or fish. Turn the bbq down to low and close the lid - cooking the meat or fish on low will take longer to give the food more chance to soak up that smoke flavour. 

Hand made smoker 
If you are new to smoking and don’t want to invest in a smoker, you can make your own out of foil. These can be used on gas or charcoal bbq’s and are quick and easy. 

Pre soak a couple of hand fulls of chips for at least an hour. Take a piece of foil, approx 18” long and place your soaked chips in the centre. Fold the foil into a neat parcel making sure you tightly fold in the edges. Using a toothpick make several holes in the top of the pouch for the smoke to escape. With your gas bbq on high place the pouch underneath the cooking shelf, close the lid and wait for the smoke! After about 10-15 mins the pouch will smoke and you will be ready to pop in your food. 

If you are using a charcoal bbq then place the foil pouch directly on top of the coals, this will begin to smoke quicker than on a gas bbq. 

Happy Smoking!