Kindling - Kiln Dried - Three Nets - 15kg

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Our kiln dried kindling is completely dry and ready to start your fires, whether you are using an open fire, woodburner, bbq, fire pit, oven or chiminea, our perfectly sized kindling will get your fire started with ease and convenience.  Supplied in handy tie top net bags, Gwernyfed Wood Kindling can be delivered to your door by our 48 hour courier.
Typically our 5Kg nets weigh anywhere between 3.75Kg - 5KG. The volume of kindling you receive will never be less than advertised, a lower actual weight indicates a lower moisture content and should result in a better quality burn.

  • Kiln Dried - perfect for getting your fire going
  • Perfect size - quick and easy to light
  • Packaged in handy net bags - convenient to store and use
  • Sustainable - sourced from our own woodland
  • Perfect for all fires, stoves, barbecues, ovens, fire pits, open fires and chimineas etc.
  • Fast delivery - dispatched within 1 working day via our 48 hour courier.

    Old Gwernyfed is our 16th century home which includes 200 acres of woodland. Gwernyfed Wood Kindling is sourced solely from this woodland, we harvest the wood under our sustainable woodland management scheme, transport it to our yard, only 1 mile away where it is processed into kindling and then kiln dried in our own biomass kiln to a moisture content of under 20%.

    Kiln drying ensures that you can be assured of the highest quality product.

    We are a family small business (our children love helping to pack orders), passionate about the environment and the sustainable products that we produce from our own woodland, this passion extends to the service we offer our customers too, same day despatch and rapid delivery.

    Orders received before 2pm will be despatched same day and delivered within 48 hours. Orders placed on a Friday will be delivered on Monday. Orders received after 2pm will be delivered within 72 hours. Delivery times are extended during bank holidays by the number of bank holiday days in the bank holiday