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Smoker Gun Chips - Large 1,000ml Bags

Smoker Gun Chips - Large 1,000ml Bags

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Oak, Whiskey, Cherry, Apple, Beech & Hickory Smoker Gun Chips

Variety Packs of five contain one of each (Apple - Oak -Cherry - Hickory - Whiskey) flavours. 

 MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR SMOKER GUNS – works in all makes and models.

  • IDEAL FOR KITCHEN SMOKING to make cold smoke, smoke food, desserts, drinks, cocktails
  • SMALL MICRO CHIPS that smoulder slowly and produce a consistent and gentle smoke
  • LARGE 1 Litre bag – Four times more than other brands
  • GROUND TO THE PERFECT CONSISTENCY for smoking, they smoulder slowly and gently when ignited, so they last a long time
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